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Mary married in Lowestoft in 1690 and died in 1737.  


Tabitha, the daughter of Thomas, was baptised in Lowestoft in 1637.  Although we thought in earlier years that her ancestry had been traced through several generations, we now have doubts about those findings.  


Samuel was a ropemaker in Pakefield.  This name is very unusual but is also found in Southwold and it is probably from there that his ancestors came.  Samuel left a nuncupative will.


Elizabeth married John Crisp in 1748.  Her baptism and burial remain a mystery.


Sarah was born in 1734.  She lived for many years in Reedham, marrying twice.  Many trees name her as the daughter of Francis, but we believe this to be incorrect.  


Thomas was baptised in Lowestoft in 1629/30.


Esther was the second wife of William Parker.  They married in 1807 in Lowestoft, after the death of William’s first wife, Amy Clarke.  After many years of research, we have still to find the birth of either wife.  In 1841, Esther stated that she was born in county, but nothing has yet been found to prove this.  


Our link to the Colby family is still not conclusive, but remains possible.  We continue to gather information about this surname and also have details from many Colby wills.  


John appears to have been born in 1728 in Lowestoft.  It is known that he had two sons but little else has been found.  Not an uncommon name in East Anglia, proving his ancestry will no doubt remain a problem.  


Mary was only 37 years old when she died in 1778 in Lowestoft.  Possible parents have been found.  


We would like to think our theories about our French line were correct, taking us back to 1597,  but there is little evidence to back this up.  Our ancestors lived in Lowestoft and many of the men were sailors.  


Elizabeth Land married in Tivetshall in the mid 1700s and became the mother of six daughters and one son.  She was widowed when quite young but lived a long life herself.  


William first appears in Pakefield records in 1712, the year of his marriage. Where he comes from remains to be discovered.  


After many years of searching, Diana’s baptism was found to have been in 1769, although little further progress has been made on her father’s line.  


Lydia married in 1765 in Lowestoft.  We believe she was born about 1741, but have no idea where.  A very unusual surname with many variations.  


Mary married in Brook, Norfolk in 1731/32.  Where she was born has remained a problem for many years.  


Ann was the wife of Francis Parker of Lowestoft.  Only one reference to her maiden name has been found and, after more than forty  years, her origins remain a mystery.


Margaret was recorded at the time of her burial as being the daughter of Samuel and Margaret, with a date of birth around 1710.  Another mystery yet to be solved.  She married a sailor so may not have been born in Lowestoft, the place where she spent her adult life.  


John was a sailmaker who died in Lowestoft in 1727.  There are earlier entries for this name in Lowestoft, but no clear line of ancestry.  Several wills for this family are on file.  


Richard first appears in the Lowestoft registers when his daughter was born in 1711.  It does not appear that the Thornton family came originally from Lowestoft.  

The majority of our East Anglian ancestors come from the Lowestoft area, and many were involved in the fishing industry. Others came from Metfield in Suffolk and Reedham and Brooke in Norfolk.

We have done a great deal of research into the families of Lowestoft.  If you have any relations from that town, we may be able to help you with either a few clues or some extended research.

Our main lines of research are:





East Anglia

This is the area where our research began over 40 years ago.  If you have any interest in any of the above surnames then you may wish to look at another website www.usmk.co.uk.  Alternatively, contact us and we will check through our records.