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Andrew Dobbins Said to be Dobbins family, but who? Ethel Dobbins

Great Grandfather, Andrew, was born in Durham, but his father, Taylor, was a native of Whitehaven, Cumberland.  

The line traces back to  John Dobbins, a soldier, born in  County Tyrone.   He married in St Bees and his travels as a soldier have been established, but a ten year gap in his children is a mystery still to be solved.  

Ethel, born 1906, was Andrew's only daughter from his first marriage.

This picture is reputedly of Andy and Tom Dobbins, the eldest two sons of Andrew Dobbins.  But who is the lady? Their own mother would have died before this date.  Can anyone help?


If you are descended from one of the children of Taylor Dobbins, we would be pleased to hear from you and perhaps help you with your family history.  Those children were:

Margaret Dobbins (1867), married George Dixon

Ann Jane Dobbins (1869), married John Pringle

Mary Ellen Dobbins (1871), married Thomas McCall

 John Dobbins (1873), married Annie Bell

Andrew Dobbins (1876), married Elizabeth Ogle

William James Dobbins (1878), married Jane Annie Scott

Thomas Dobbins (1880), married Margaret Ogilvie

Martha Dobbins (1883)

Grace Dobbins (1887), married Robert Thirlwell

Jane Dobbins (1889), married Albert Scott

Joseph Jessop Dobbins (1891), married Bertha Mochan

Associated Surnames - A full list of the surnames associated with the Dobbins family which have been discovered so far.   

Anscombe, Armstrong, Bagnall, Chedgey, Clark, Dixon, Gibson, Harrison, Herdman, Inglesfield, Jessop, Kennedy, Lee, McCall, Nichols, Nulty, Pringle, Reed, Scott, Swainson, Thirlwell, Turnbull, Watson, Wealleans