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The name Eadington holds a great fascination for us as we are both independently related to different Eadington families within Northumberland, and a third family marries into ours in more recent times.  Surely they must all be related somehow?

One of our lines connects to the Eadingtons of Norham and Alnwick.  As millers, they appear to have been well known in the area.  A bastardy bond has proved the parentage of Isabella Eadington, born in 1789.  

Denwick Mill

Mark Eadington's will of 1764 proved that he had daughters, but did he have any sons who were just not named?  No baptisms have been traced for this family.  

The Eadingtons of Embleton trace back into the time of Elizabeth I through the gravestones that survive.  How this family connects to ours has yet to be proven.

Not all Eadingtons stayed in Northumberland.  Thomas Eadington moved to Wales and became a lighthouse keeper on Caldey Island.  Another branch moved to the Liverpool area, and from there to California.  


As with many of the names on this website, we have collected hundreds of pieces of information which are not our family.  A list of baptisms and burials can be found here.   They cover the North of England and Scotland as well as a few from other parts of the country.