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Janet Wilkinson

One of our Wilkinson families begins with Michael who was probably born in Northumberland around 1782.  Once again, this was a family of coal miners, but this time living in and around Cramlington.  Great Grandmother, Jane (known as Janet) Wilkinson, was born in 1875.

The Wilkinson ChildrenHarry Wilkinson

The other Wilkinson family moved from Poulton-le-Fylde in Lancashire, to Pennington and Loppergarth in the Furness Region of Lancashire, then on to Prospect, near Aspatria Cumberland and finally to Northumberland.  One branch left Cumberland and went to Canada.

Kate Wilkinson

Kate Wilkinson - 1899-1976


Janet’s surviving siblings were:

William - married Elizabeth Oliver in 1888.

John  - nothing further known as yet.

Henry - married Alice Ann Weightman in 1902.

Margaret Ann - married Thomas Hindmarsh  in 1907.

Harry Wilkinson, father of Kate

Harry’s surviving siblings were:

Elizabeth Jane - married Colin Wedgwood in 1891.

Nancy - married John Pattinson in 1881.

John Allinson - married Nancy Blenkinsop in 1888.

Catherine - married Richard Henry Booth in 1900.

Mary - married William John Craddock in 1903.

Edward - married Margaret Ann Todd in 1901.

George Crickett - married Bessie Ann Messenger in 1908.

Ellen - married William Troughton in 1916 and then John               Clarke in 1929.

This is certainly a well known surname across the North of England You can find  long lists of baptisms and burials on one of our other websites.   There are lists for both the North East and the North West of England.