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Happy New Year.......................Happy 2019 to us all.....................

Welcome to you all!!!  A New Year of fascinating  stories and wonders of the world for us all to enjoy. However, in these difficult Brexiting times, the management has decided that a subscription is necessary.  So, for most of our readers, a fee of £1,200 is payable by the end of the month.  However, recognising the difficulties faced by the elderly, it has been agreed that this fee will be waived for anyone aged 90 or over.  

The Mysterious Tale of the Blue Boxes

The year begins with a tale of mystery and intrigue in the elegant, suburban residential area of Berrystead in Milton Keynes.  The neighbourhood has been rocked by the disappearance of Blue Boxes.  The FBI, CIA, MI5, SAS, and even the Kremlin have attempted to solve this problem, with no success leaving no choice but to call in that world renowned detective - SherGus Holmes.

The disappearance of a box from No 6 was initially blamed on a woman named Pat who recently moved into No 8 and was heard to mutter that she had lost her box as the lovely lady at No 6 was seen to run off with a newish one which she claimed was hers. This has been established, through forensic testing by SherGus Holmes, to be true.  However, the next week the box disappeared and the blame was firmly placed on No 8 - a strange woman who won’t put her car in her enormous garage and who keeps her cat fenced into her garden (although SherGus is of the opinion that this is a most excellent move.)  No 6 ordered a new one (yet to arrive) but, horror of horrors, it was noted two days ago that No 7 and No 5 have also lost their boxes and a wander up the street seems to reveal that other houses may have been similarly affected.  

SherGus has made his observations and suggestions and is of the opinion that a wall is the answer and is off to the USA to get advice from a very distant relation, Donald Trumpgus.  

We will keep you informed.  

A Postcard from afar!

Look at this selfie which arrived in the emails today.  

Well that used up the gold!

World News from Christmas Time.

In case you missed it:

Father Christmases were sent on Health and Safely Courses this year to ensure that they did not damage themselves while balancing children on their knees or picking up presents.  This, of course, did not include the real Santa who comes from a time when such nonsense was not needed!

The Nativity Play was underway when a teacher noticed that one shepherd was not on stage but was in the wings playing with his mobile phone.  “What are you doing???” the teacher growled.  The child replied “Well, those two keep having nowhere to stay so I’m calling ahead and making a reservation.”

A neighbour was walking past a house in the west coast city of Perth on Wednesday when they heard a man repeatedly yelling “why don’t you die?” and a toddler screaming. The neighbour then called the police emergency number, according to media reports. Multiple police units responded and burst into the house only to discover that the man was attacking a large spider walking across the floor which refused to be squashed while his child was screaming in terror!

Police in New Jersey urged people who grabbed banknotes that spilled out of the back of an armoured truck during rush-hour traffic to return the cash, no questions asked. East Rutherford police began receiving calls at around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday that cash was blowing out of the bullet-resistant truck and multiple vehicles had crashed after several motorists abandoned their cars to chase the money.  Videos posted on social media showed a Brinks armored truck with its hazard lights flashing on Route 3, about 10 miles (16 km) outside New York City, as people ran after bills blowing between cars and trucks on the busy roadway.  The owners hope that all the money will be returned.  (Yeah, right!!!)

Highly educated quote of the season - For those who did not known, elves are actually just subordinate clauses!

So what did you get for Christmas?

Some of the more popular presents this year……..

Why do we have this amazing feeling of deja vu?

Early January in History -

January 1, 1660 - Samuel Pepys began his famous diary in which he chronicled life in London including the Great Plague of 1664-65 and the Great Fire of 1666.

January 1, 1973 - Britain, Ireland and Denmark became members of the Common Market (EEC).

January 3, 1777 - During the American Revolution, General George Washington defeated the British at Princeton and drove them back toward New Brunswick. Washington then established winter quarters at Morristown, New Jersey. During the long harsh winter, Washington's army reduced to about a thousand men as enlistments expired and deserters fled.

January 4, 1790 - President George Washington delivered the first State of the Union address.

January 6, 1066 - Harold, Earl of Wessex, was crowned King of England following the death of his brother-in-law Edward the Confessor. Harold II was England's last Anglo-Saxon king. In October of 1066, Harold met the invading army of William the Conqueror at Hastings and died on the field of battle.

January 7, 1714 - A patent was issued for the first typewriter designed by British inventor Henry Mill "for the impressing or transcribing of letters singly or progressively one after another, as in writing."

January 10, 1863 - The world's first underground railway service opened in London, the Metropolitan line between Paddington and Farringdon.

January 15, 1559 - Elizabeth Tudor, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, was crowned as Elizabeth I in Westminster Abbey.

Please note this is a Brexit Free Zone!

Looking ahead to the Summer:

This is what you should be wearing this summer so get your shopping done early.

An Aussie’s Experience of British Traffic Jams

Our distant cousin, Debbie from Australia, wrote and sent two pictures of her experience of British traffic jams.  Clearly, she has never been on the M1!  She also said that they’d found that the British were courteous drivers.  Is she sure it was here that she visited????

N&N are skiing again!!!!

Here is a link for the webcam so you can have a look and see if you can spot them on the slopes!


And here they are ……..